Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playing in the Desert

This last weekend we went with my parents and their metal detecting club on the annual trip to the middle of nowhere. They have a claim that people with 4x4 ability can access and do treasure hunting contest, have a chili cook off and more. We traveled up for the day, Katie was very excited to get to go play in the desert.

Katie and I started the day going for a walk.

We took a shade tent and Katie's cot, soon she put Kitty down for a nap.

Not too long after it was Katie's nap time.

After nap time she played in the dirt a little.

Soon it was time for the big hunt. Basically an area is roped off and a bunch of coins and tokens are planted. The participants are allowed to search for a timed period and keep what they find. Katie was ready to go.

She caught up with her Papa and the rest of the group.

Although Katie did not go through with the hunt she did reap the reward, whatever my parents find goes into Katie's piggy bank.

Katie wandered off singing and glancing back to see how far I would let her go, this was about as far as I was comfortable with!

By the end of the day she had added to her collection lots of bullet casings and come clay pigeons that had not broken in the shooting match. She spent some time sorting out her collection.

It was a great day, we all had fun even though the chili did not win. I figure we will be back again next year.