Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

Things have been quiet around here lately since we have been getting ready for the little ones arrival. However I decided to make a pumpkin pie yesterday with a real homemade pie crust. I tried this recipe. It made three crusts which you freeze, I still have two in the freezer. The crust was fairly simple and came out pretty good, better than the rolled up store bought ones. I will definitely use the other two crusts at some point, I like the idea of having them ready to go in the freezer. As for the pie... enjoy the picture because the pie is already gone!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pacifier Clip

When looking around at patterns online for the hair bows I found one for a pacifier clip. I had been looking in the stores for some but have not seen any so this seemed like a great idea. I wanted to use the same green ladybug ribbon and just needed to get the rest of the supplies.

The clips were hard to find, I ended up ordering them from a store in Montana. They lock closed which I guess makes sense.

I cut a 15" length of ribbon, and threaded it through the clip. I then folded it to sew it.

This is a slightly blurry shot of it after I hand sewed it.

The directions said to use velcro but then also suggested snaps. After searching all week for a store with snaps in stock I found some yesterday and used them.

And finally the finished product.

Finished Blanket

This week I finished another blanket. This is one my Mom started by making the top, then I finished it up. Its pretty much the same as most of the other blankets but has the squares on the sides.

Don't mind the blue lines, I drew them in to help me sew straight lines, the came out when I washed it today.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Ladybug Baby Shower

This last Saturday was my baby shower with a ladybug theme.

This is one of the two cakes my Mom made.

There was lots of yummy food. My mom also made the tablecloths.

I got to meet baby Brooke, she is just about two months old and totally adorable.

There were lots of people there.

We played several games including the one where everyone tries to guess how big I am around.

And the game where different types of chocolate are melted in diapers and everyone has to try and guess what type of candy it is.

And of course there were lots of presents (you can see how swollen my ankles were getting!)

There were cute favors that matched the ladybug theme handed out.

Overall it was a fun party and thank you to the planners (all four of them) and to everyone who came!