Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Dress

I bought the book Little Stitches by Amy Butler right after it came out last year. With a little one on the way I was excited to make her some stuff. The first thing I attempted was a dress. I cut it out and started sewing it but then passed it off to my Mom to finish. One thing led to another and it was eventually finished a few weeks ago.

Here is the main fabric which I really liked.

I used some maroon fabric I had for the top portion of the dress.

It has the little bloomers too.

The top is closed with two buttons which are on the back of the shoulders.

Here Katie is modeling it.

While it came out very cute it may have taken us too long to finish it. The fabric on the top has no give and I could barely get it on or off of her. Needless to sat this is the only time she will be able to wear it, but she doesn't seem to mind.