Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden - Planting the Seeds

The next step in my garden attempt was to plant some seeds. Last Wednesday Mike took Katie for a little while and so I planted some seeds.

My supplies are some craft sticks, a marker, peat pots, soil and of course seeds. I took a lid from a damaged tote box to hold everything.

I put soil in the pots, planted the seeds and then wrote the name of what was planted on the stick.

Soon I had a lot planted.

I decided to use the smaller pots for the herbs.

Now the one thing I would change would be to use a permanent marker or some other way to label the pots, my felt pen comes off when the sticks get wet. However the good news is that this morning when I went out to water the plants this morning I saw some green!

Its hard to see in the picture but the spinach, lettuce, parsnips and beets have all sprouted so far, very exciting!

Baby Legs

Baby legs are sort of like leg warmers for babies. They keep their legs warm but still allow easy diaper access, the only problem is the cost, they can be pricey. We have had a pair my mom bought that Katie wore about once a week. However at our last Mommy & Me class one baby was wearing a neat strip pair. The mother showed them off and explained she made them from a pair of knee high High School Musical socks. Of course, that's so simple!

So to start, some girls knee high socks found on clearance, $.25 a pair.

Cut them before the heel.

Then again after the heel.

Next cut off the toe.

Now you can get rid of the heel and toe, fold the foot piece in half, right side out, it will become the bottom cuff.

Turn the leg piece inside out and sew the cuff to the raw edge with a zigzag stitch.

Its a little hard to see on the black socks but it works! Here is Katie modeling them:

She seems to like them, she can wiggle her toes and see them! My Mom sewed these black and white ones, she also found several spring pairs of socks that will make some awsome baby legs.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Now that we finally have a house with a yard we plan on starting a garden. Mike has a bunch of seeds he collected which I recently sorted through to figure out what to plant.

Here is what we started with:

A closer look:

Some of these things I had never heard of. This week I hope to plant the seeds and see if they will germinate. We also need to build some boxes outside to put the plants in, its going to keep us busy!

Of course Katie helped...