Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finishing up the blankets

I finally got fabric for the back of the Moda Squares. I chose purple for the girl and white with blue polka dots for the boy blanket. I started by laying out the cotton batting, then the flannel and the squares.

These layers are pinned and cut to the size of the blanket top.

Next you sew around the edge, leaving an opening to turn it right side out, it looks something like this.

I then iron it out and sew around the edge which closes the opening left to turn it. Then on the seams that I want to sew I pinned the rows down to make sewing easier and hold the fabric in place.

Here is the finished product.

And the girl blanket.

More Blankets

One of my goals this weekend was to make some more receiving blankets. I even got some more flannel prints to have more variety. Since I already showed how I made them, here is a look at the new stack. Then we can take a closer look.

Here are bright orange and pink.

More super cute duckies, this time with a yellow background

Some colorful blocks with moons, clouds and stars.

Panda's, not the cutest ever but hey its pandas.

And finally some sleepy moons and stars.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Burp Cloths

I have been working on several project for the coming arrival. One is burp cloths which seemed fairly easy to make. After researching some techniques and patterns I found one I thought would work. I printed it out and made a pattern on freezer paper.

I bought three baby prints and started tracing the pattern.

Next I used the rotary cutter and cut them out.

Here are the three prints.

And a close up, rattles, cows and moons and little tiger, giraffes and palm trees (my favorite).

Next came the hard part, I spent last weekend cutting out the print fabrics, adding a few from fabric I already have too. I had about 31 cut but my back hurt and it was more difficult than I thought trying to cut fabric these days. My brother came to visit this weekend and help me. Each cloth has three layers the print, flannel and terry cloth, that's a lot of cutting! This is how you layer them:

This is the start of a lot of burp cloth layers.

Here is the burp cloth sewn together (don't forget to leave an opening to turn it).

A stack of sewn together cloths. By the way terry cloth is very messy, I still have white fiber all over my apartment.

Here is one after being turned

Next I ironed them to ensure they were flat pinned the opening together so the would be ready for the next step which is to sew a seam around the edge which also closes it up.

And finally here are 31 finished burp cloths spread out on the ironing board.

A closer look at a finished product. Some of them I used a zigzag stitch or a straight stitch or a few other stitches that are on my sewing machine, when your sewing 31 you can afford to be creative. This one has a zigzag stitch.

I have several other projects in progress, I am working at a slower pace these days, but I will post them as they get done.